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Lost in the NFT space?

Find your next music NFT

How does it work?

1. Find your next NFT

Explore our curated categories and find your perfect NFT

2. Payment simplicity

Connect or create your wallet easily. Simple checkout process and automatic NFT minting and transfer.

3. Beyond the NFT

Collect your limited NFT edition, unlock exclusive content and interact with creators.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are digital files, like an image, audio, video, tweet, ticket to concert or any other digital product created with blockchain technology.

Each of these digital files has its own digital identification, so it makes them impossible to counterfeit and easy to identify. This is what makes NFTs valuable and unique. Even though anyone can make a copy of that file, the original one, this still remains and is the only one that has value.

Proof of

After purchasing the NFT, you will receive the NFT in your wallet. We provide you with a link to check the ownership on the blockchain.


Any NFT has a limited number of units. In Unique Digital you can check your limited edition number after purchasinf the NFT.

Unlockable content

NFTs can have content that is only visible by the owner of the NFT. Creators can add exclusive videos, songs, images, texts, links to premium passes...

Are you a creator?

There are millions of buyers eager to see what you will put up for sale.

Open your store

You can create your own NFT store in a few minutes, without knowing anything about blockchain.

Upload your art

Upload your creations. Multiple file formats available. Also add unlockable content for the owners of the NFT.

Sell NFTs

Share your store with your fans and sell your NFTs. Get paid in € and $.

Open your store

For enterprises

Add a new revenue source to your business with our enterprise solution.


Add your own branding to your store. Remove any Unique Digital watermark. Add your store on your own domain.

Custom features

Your business is unique. Tell us what you need and we will cover your necessities.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide the tech and resources needed to directly monetize and engage with your audience through unique digital assets.

Creators of any kind can publish their work through NFTs as a new, fully-digital medium in addition to existing ones.

We believe that everyone should be able to purchase, collect and share their NFT collection through a frictionless experience. Creators should be in control of their "brand" by allowing them to build a direct and genuine relationship with their fans.

Unique Digital aims to accelerate the mass adoption of digital assets as the most relevant ways to express ourselves, create our own identity in the digital world and access to physical and digital experiences of all kinds.